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All Rings with semi-precious stones

Engagement rings with semi-precious stones

The ring with semi-precious stone brings a touch of color and elegance to your hands while being very discreet. Choose the stone that best matches your taste and combine them to personalize your style.

You can choose to wear them individually or in combination to create an elegant bohemian style. For some it is an invitation to a spiritual journey, for others it is a touch of color. Everyone can adjust their own style and wear rings with semi-precious stones to highlight it.

Why not choose an amethyst? 

The rings encrusted with amethyst semi-precious stones have a revealing charm. Our collection of engagement ring semi-precious is enhanced by an Amethyst and set with diamonds. There are different shapes for the purple semi precious stone. The modern semi-precious stone ring set with Amethyst can be available in a cushion shape. The emerald shape highlights all the brilliance of the amethyst. The oval or round shaped amethyst makes the ring attractive. Amethyst semi-precious stones are still very popular today for their unique purple color and their connection to spirituality and mindfulness.

For a minimalist yet effective look, choose a ring with a unique stone or add a touch of glamor to an everyday outfit by choosing a diamond encrusted ring and a semi-precious stone.

Amethyst is a variety of purple quartz, stone of spirituality, it promotes creation, inventiveness and zenitude. The hue comes from traces of iron and this is one of the reasons it is classified as a gemstone.

Do you know aquamarine? 

Our jewelry set with an aquamarine are the most coveted. Our model with a blue semi-precious stone is distinguished by its cushion, emerald, oval or even round shape. 

A beautiful classic and timeless design perfect for everyday looks or special occasions. The stone is set on a setting that can be in rose gold, yellow gold, 18-carat white gold or platinum. These stones can look great on their own or surrounded by diamonds, especially if they are round cut.

This very soft blue gemstone comes from the same family as emeralds. Nonetheless, it possesses a powerful shine and elegant color that make it one of the most coveted gemstones for semi-precious stone jewelry.

And if you want to reduce your stress and anxiety, popular belief is that an aquamarine stone can help you with these issues. Symbol of youth, innocence and perseverance, aquamarine is often set alone, sometimes with a few diamonds on a pendant or a ring.

Opt for citrine, a little-known stone.

Do you want to buy a ring with a yellow semi-precious stone? Do not choose semi-precious stones based solely on aesthetics but take into account other factors, such as a stone's hardness and wear resistance, its clarity and durability. The beautiful ring encrusted with semi-precious citrine stones is the ideal ring to acquire. Our engagement rings set with diamonds and yellow semi-precious stones are beautiful.

The colors of a citrine can range from light lemon yellow to golden and even champagne brown. This is why citrine has become an interesting choice for engagement rings. This stone will bring a solar touch to the hand that wears it. 

Diamond rings sublimated by a garnet.

The semi-precious garnet stone of a deep red color resembles a ruby. It symbolizes the commitment to love and would therefore be a wonderful idea for a engagement ring. The semi-precious garnet stone revitalizes, purifies and balances energy, bringing serenity or passion. Inspires love and devotion. Although they are usually associated with the color red, garnets also come in green.

Whether cut in a cushion, heart or round shape, they make excellent engagement ring stones. In addition, the ring set with a garnet can be mounted in white, yellow, 18-carat rose or platinum gold. 

Rings with a pink sapphire.

In terms of engagement rings, diamonds remain the more classic choice, but rings with semi-precious pink sapphire stones are becoming an increasingly popular trend and for good reason! While most people know that sapphires are a royal blue color, what you might not know is that there are sapphires in all colors of the rainbow! Pink sapphires have enjoyed great success in recent years. These pink semi-precious stones are flattered by the rosy hues of rose gold and yellow gold. Pink sapphires offer the possibility of creating a unique style. The engagement rings have been the ultimate symbol of love for thousands of years. Pink sapphire is the most feminine of gemstones, adding softness and a touch of romance to jewelry. Symbolize your relationship, thanks to our pink sapphire engagement rings available in different gold colors: white gold, yellow gold, 18k rose gold and platinum.

Ring set with a peridot.

This ring with a peridot green semi-precious stone shines from all angles. The jewel presents a classic solitaire and plain, dramatically set in a gold frame, it is comfortable enough to wear on a daily basis. The ring symbolizes not only beauty but also class and sophistication. Stone of renewal, the semi-precious green stone is energizing, restorative and purifying. It gives a lot of vitality to the body and the spirit. Peridot has excellent relaxing properties.

Jewel with topaz semi-precious stones.

Like sapphire, topaz comes in an array of colors. Topazes are durable and a great choice for brides who want to personalize their ring to match their favorite color. Our solitaire ring set with semi-precious stones topaz is composed of a central topaz of round shape. The very thin 18k gold frame is made by our French craftsmen. It is available in pink, white and yellow gold, as well as in platinum. Topaz is a true expression of the energy of fire. Topaz is a stone of nobility, love, passion and purpose. Due to its fiery energy, this sun-filled gemstone is certainly associated with high self-esteem and good fortune. It is a semi-precious stone that builds confidence in one's inner power and abilities.

Have you found your favorite stone? Choosing the best type of stone for your semi-precious stone ring is a difficult task, but once you find one we are sure it will steal your heart and shine forever! The semi-precious stones with unique colors that make up our jewelry are encrusted on frames made of precious metal to decorate collars, bracelets, earrings and rings. 


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