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The simple solitaire, the engagement ring par excellence

What is a sleek solitaire? The simple engagement ring is set with a self-sufficient diamond. Sleek and elegant, it is the ring that will stay on your finger forever without ever going out of style. Our jewelry store offers elegant engagement rings for women set with precious or semi-precious stones. There are different sizes of solitary diamonds: round, emerald, cousin, pear ou our hearts. The central stone has a minimum weight of 0.30 carats, and the solitaire diamond rings are offered in three colors of gold (pink, white or yellow). We propose to design your model in a more resistant metal, platinum. The weight of the engagement rings varies from 2 to 5 grams. This model of solitaire diamond ring goes easily with all styles of'alliances. Once you have chosen the engagement ring, do not hesitate to consult our wide choice of alliances in gold and diamonds to project you more in your future marriage. Your wedding jewelry must be up to this magical moment, our advisers are there to guide you in your choice of ring.

Sleek and refined, the sleek solitaire remains the go-to choice for an engagement ring. Made up of a precious stone, often a diamond, this timeless jewel will gracefully dress your hand and can be worn on all occasions.

And if the diamond solitaire remains the most popular, it is quite possible to opt for other jewels as the center stone. A sapphire solitaire or a ruby ​​ring will make a beautiful effect and will capture all eyes with their brilliance.

Simple diamond and gemstone solitaire

Le diamond solitaire is very popular as an engagement ring. Bursting with brilliance and purity, it symbolizes pure and infinite love. With a subtle elegance, diamonds can take different shapes and sizes. What if the round diamond remains the classic shape, it is quite possible to set your ring with a cut stone with more originality.

A cushion diamond will look great on an engagement ring; a pear diamond or Oval will gracefully lengthen your fingers. On the other hand, an emerald-cut jewel will bring out with great elegance all the purity and brilliance of the diamond. And for the most in love, a solitaire ring set with a heart-shaped diamond will suit them perfectly to immortalize their love. Before deciding on a ring, it is advisable to carefully check the 4Cs of the diamond.

Precious stones also work perfectly to adorn a solitaire ring. And just like diamonds, their sizes and shapes vary. Thus, we find sapphire solitaires, very refined high jewelry jewel. Or simple solitaires in ruby ​​as well as in emerald. The ring of the ring can be yellow gold, silver or platinum.

Refined solitaire in semi-precious stones

The solitaires in semi-precious stones are there to discreetly bring a touch of color and originality. Set on a ring, these fine stones can be worn as solitaires or in combination with other rings for a very refined bohemian chic style.

One of these stones with a fine and unique charm is theaquamarine. Of a crystalline blue, it gives off a pure and powerful radiance much sought after. There are also topaz solitaires, available in a wide range of shades. Also solitaires in amethysts, with a very seductive subtle purple glow, rings in citrine, peridot and garnet.

Each of these gemstones has a specific meaning, so wearing them is a great way to showcase an aspect of your personality or to send a sweet message to your loved one.

Types of settings for a solitaire ring

In order to properly hold the center stone of the solitaire ring and prevent it from breaking, various crimping methods are used. These are divided into 4 main categories: the prong setting, the bezel setting, the tension setting and the mass setting.

The claw setting

The claw setting is mainly used for engagement rings and simple solitaires. The technique consists of inserting small claws so that they securely catch the central stone. Usually the number of claws varies from 4 to 6, maybe more if the gem is of a large size.

One of the advantages of this setting is that it highlights the diamond or the stone by raising them from their support. In the same way, the infiltration of the light is more important thus making explode all the splendor and the fires of the fine or precious stones.

The closed setting

More modern technique, the closed setting is very popular for solitary rings. Very original, it offers a refined effect, a regular splendor and a shiny finish. But the strong point of the closed setting is that it guarantees flawless security, since the stone is completely set inside the cup. However, one of its drawbacks is that it reduces the shine of the gem as well as its size.

Crimp tension

With a modern design, the tension setting brings out all the brilliance and elegance of diamonds or fine stones. Perfect for engagement rings, this technique involves inserting the gem between the two ends of a ring and then applying pressure to hold it in place.

This gives the impression that the gem is floating in the air creating a very fascinating effect. However, and despite their originality, the rings obtained by this method are quite fragile and much more expensive than other solitary rings.

The mass setting

A rare setting technique, the ring thus obtained is in the form of a diamond or a jewel directly encrusted in a hole made on the ring of the jewel. This allows for a very elegant minimalist and uncluttered style. In addition, security is increased since the stone is firmly inserted into the metal of the ring.

This setting is rarely found in solitaires but adorns itself perfectly to adorn alliances, both for women and for women. wedding rings for men. It is much more used to crimp the ring of a single solitaire and in this case we speak of an accompanied solitaire.

On which finger to wear a diamond solitaire?

Usually considered an engagement ring, tradition has it that a simple solitaire is worn in the left directory, alone or in association with the alliance. If the wedding ring is too bulky or of a different style than that of the ring, then the solitaire will be worn on the right directory.

However, if you wear your solitaire like an ornamental piece of jewelry, then it is up to you to choose which finger to wear it on. It can thus be associated with other jewelry or to enhance the charm of an adornment or a pendant. However, care should be taken to harmonize styles and colors so as not to denote or make an error of taste.

To perfect the wearing of your solitaire, whether in silver, gold or platinum, it is important to know the exact size of your finger. For this, the best is to trust your jeweler.


All our models are made in the heart of our Parisian workshops using natural, ethical diamonds. We make our jewelry in 18k white, yellow and rose gold as well as platinum. For more information on our collections, contact our advisers available in the showroom in Paris, to show you our pieces.

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