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Halo diamond rings

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Camogli Halo Diamond Engagement Ring

Diamond rings surrounded by a halo


Very elegant and full of sparkles, the halo ring has become a highly coveted choice for engagement rings. Set with a precious stone surrounded by a halo of diamonds, this jewel is characterized by its exceptional brilliance and a very feminine finesse. The center stone can be a sumptuous diamond or a delicately cut gemstone.

Halo ring set with a magnificent cushion shaped diamond, emerald or our hearts, or even a jewel in white, pink, yellow or platinum gold, the choice is endless. All you have to do is choose a ring from our collection of fine jewelry and your loved one will be dazzled by your exceptional gift.

What is a Halo ring?

The halo solitaire or halo ring is originally a traditional solitaire embellished with a halo of subtly set diamonds all around the center stone. The result is a jewel of exceptional brilliance, making the center diamond appear larger.

The center stone is generally a round diamond, but there are other more original and modern models, set with precious stones (ruby, emerald or sapphire). The size of the diamond also varies and can have various shapes: Oval, pear, cushion, marquise or even in the shape of our hearts.

It is a ring whose central stone is surrounded by a row of diamonds. The halo can be round in shape, princess, octagonal and much more. It depends on the size of the chosen center stone. We offer several models of solitaires whose beauty of the stone, which can be a diamond or a precious stone, is highlighted thanks to the line of brilliants that surround it. The quality and color is G-SI. Engagement rings are available in 18k white, yellow or rose gold, or in a more solid metal such as platinum.  

Our company works with GIA, HRD and IGI laboratories for the certification of diamonds weighing more than 0,50 carat. 

Timeless, with a slightly vintage style, halo rings suit all ages and styles and never go out of style. This model of ring has been coveted for centuries, having existed since the 18th century. And until today, halo rings remain very popular.


What shape of diamond for a halo engagement ring?

Very chic and with an elegance that inspires class and refinement, the halo ring is perfectly suited for a engagement ring or even, a marriage proposal. By wearing such an admirable jewel on her finger, your beloved will be transported with joy and admiration.

For a halo engagement ring, we generally opt for a jewel entirely set with diamonds, with a central diamond cut in the round or in a cushion. The advantage of such shapes is that they are more sparkling and reflect the light much more.

Sapphire is also suitable for an engagement ring. More discreet, and surrounded by a halo of diamonds, it will add elegance and refinement to your outfit. Otherwise, and for an exclusive and unique piece of jewelry, Diamants & Carats offers more original halo rings, in various shapes, models and colors. You just have to choose according to your preferences and then order from our service.

What shape of gemstone for a halo ring?

Do you want to buy a ring to wear every day or to give it to a loved one? In this case, you can go for more whimsical models or much more modern designs.

A halo solitaire set with a gemstone turns out to be an excellent choice to bring a touch of color and cheerfulness to your style. Ruby, for example, will impart a warm shine to your outfit while, on the contrary, the sapphir shines with a discreet but equally captivating glow. The emerald, also very popular, goes perfectly for a halo ring of a contemporary style.

The center stone can take different shapes. For Valentine's Day, for example, we have the diamond in the shape of a our hearts, ideal for couples. Otherwise, the halo ring set with a diamond or a sapphire surrounded by a diamond halo forming a rose is perfect for a birthday present.

We also have the halo ring cut in emerald, for a very elegant classic chic look. The loner with a diamond cushion surrounded by a square halo is just as captivating and will capture all eyes with its original style. A loner with a stone pear, in the shape of a drop, will bring a very glamorous note and gracefully refine your fingers.

What type of halo ring to choose?

The diamond halo can also take various shapes for original rings with unique designs. Thus, there are halos only adorned with diamonds, and set using various crimping methods to create subtle and captivating compositions.

The halo can also be set with precious stones, such as sapphires, rubies or emeralds. The pink sapphire, soft and delicate, is also suitable for the composition of halo rings. This type of halo, which has become very trendy again with Kate Middleton's halo sapphire engagement ring, will give your outfit a vintage look.

The halo can be slightly curved and shaped to create multiple designs. For example, we have the sublime diamond wedding ring from octagonal shape of 1,15 carats; the rosette-shaped ring; or the fascinating engagement ring Anna set with 0,90 carat diamonds.

The ring of the jewel can be made in different materials: yellow, pink or white gold, platinum and silver.

Why choose a halo diamond solitaire?

The first advantage of the halo ring is that it highlights the center stone much more. This one looks a lot bigger than it actually is as the addition of surrounding diamonds makes it look like there is only one gemstone in the middle. This therefore makes it possible to buy a sublime ring at a much more affordable price. You will be able to impress your guests without exceeding your initial budget.

And then, a halo ring never goes out of fashion and goes with all styles. You will be sure to be able to wear it on any occasion, whatever your outfit. For an even more sublime look, consider matching your ring with other jewels haloed with diamonds, earrings or a matching pendant.

And then, the choice of your ring will have to be done in the first place according to your tastes and your preferences. If this style of jewelry does not suit you, then it is also possible for you to opt for a trilogy ring, the shoulder ring or even a couture ring. These are just as elegant and will shine brightly on your finger.


Discover our collection of engagement rings with a halo of diamonds. Splendid diamond rings set with quality precious stones. Several styles of rings are available to satisfy you.

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