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The heart-cut diamond

The heart shaped diamond is the perfect choice for two hearts that beat in unison. Have you finally found your soul mate? So give her without further delay a jewel with a heart-cut diamond to prove your invincible love to her.

This shape is by far the favorite of all lovers. And for a dazzling rendering and a flawless love, the choice of stone must be done carefully. Here is everything you need to know about the characteristics of the heart diamond and the selection criteria.

Why choose a heart-shaped diamond?

The diamond is the hardest stone of all, so it is the perfect gem to illustrate genuine and everlasting love, and even more so if the stone is in the shape of a heart.

The heart shape is particularly suitable for an engagement ring or wedding rings, especially if the wedding takes place in a romantic bohemian style. But the choice is not limited to that. A heart-shaped pendant, a curb chain or even heart diamond earrings are a sublime proof of love and commitment.

There are many opportunities to offer a jewel with a heart-cut diamond. On Valentine's Day for example, for your sweetheart's birthday or even, on the occasion of your wedding anniversary. Or quite simply, to mark an important event: the birth of your first child, a promotion, etc.

And who said that love is limited to his wife? A necklace with a diamond in the shape of a heart would make a very charming fairytale gift to give to your daughter or even your young niece.

The heart-cut diamond throughout history

The diamond has long been the most precious of jewels. Giving a diamond jewel was very common during antiquity and was considered a sign of affection and friendship. However, the heart cut did not appear until around the 15th century. In one of his letters, the Duke of Milan referred to a heart-shaped diamond offered by a high ranking nobility to his secret love.

Later, Mary I of Scotland offered a heart-shaped diamond to Queen Elizabeth of England as proof of her friendship. And today, giving such a piece of jewelry is the most romantic gift to express your feelings to those you love.

How to choose a heart cut diamond?

Subtle, original and sparkling with a thousand lights, the heart diamond has long been a subtle message of love and affection. However, cutting such a stone is not easy. On the contrary, it requires a great deal of know-how and years of experience.

A heart-shaped diamond displays a total of 59 facets. Some pieces have additional mini facets on the pavilion or on the upper part of the girdle. The size of the facets is an essential element: if they are badly cut, the diamond will allow less light to pass, which will affect the brilliance of the stone and minimize its brilliance.

The symmetry of the heart diamond is also an important point. The shape should be elegant with a quality waist. The notch must be well centered and straightforward in order to properly mark the two halves of the heart.

Thus, the shape should not be too tight, otherwise the stone will appear badly cut and will lose its shine; the size should not be too sharp either otherwise the jewelry will look aggressive and lack elegance.

Our expert gemologists welcome you at the showroom to give you all the information you need to know about this unique stone. The price of this stone varies according to its carat weight but also its color and purity. It is therefore necessary to seek advice to have the stone that best fits your budget.

Choose the perfect heart diamond.

A perfectly cut heart diamond will have a shapely appearance, with two wings elaborately rounded to the tip.

For a heart diamond mounted as a solitaire or as a pendant, we prefer a stone of 0,80 carats. And if you opt for a stone of less than 0,30 carats, it would be preferable to choose another diamond shape (round, marquise or princess for example) because it will lose the legibility of its contours. For a ring with a heart diamond, the stone is often set with 3 to 5 prongs with the point fixed by a prong to prevent it from breaking. Afterwards, the choice of the ring or the diamond jewel remains a personal question: one will choose according to the style and the tastes of his beloved.

The most popular heart diamonds

The unique appeal of the heart diamond makes it highly desirable. And over the years, unique pieces have emerged. We cite two famous pieces of jewelry:

  • The heart of the ocean: it is a necklace with a pendant set with an imposing blue diamond, the “Hope” diamond weighing 45,5 carats. This jewel was once in the hands of King Louis XIV and today it is on display in the Smithsonian Museum,
  • The Graff Diamond: it is the largest heart-shaped diamond in the world. It was cut by the Graff Diamonds workshops and required 18 months of work. With a weight of 118,78 carats, this coin displays perfect symmetry and shines with pure luster without fluorescence.


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