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Complete guide to pear-cut diamonds

In the form of a flaming teardrop, like a drop fallen from the sky, the pear-cut diamond is the very symbol of femininity. Its subtly asymmetrical shape, with its multiple facets and pointed and rounded ends, gives it exceptional appeal and softness. 

Necklace with a pear diamond or earrings with drop-shaped diamonds, these jewels are the assets of the ultimate seduction and will enhance your beauty and your femininity to perfection. 

What are the characteristics of pear diamond

The pear diamond is unique and original since it combines both the cut of the marquise diamond and the brilliance and style of the round diamond. This stone has 57 facets, 33 on the upper part and 24 on the lower part. To obtain more brilliance, we prefer the diamond with 58 facets. 

Classic and original, the pear diamond rivals in brilliance with the round diamond. Pointed upwards, it is generally used to adorn rings and wedding rings and will have the effect of refining and lengthening the fingers. Mounted as a pendant, this precious stone will charm all eyes with its lights and sublimate your outfit. 

This pear cut is more accessible by taking into consideration an equal weight of rough diamond. This because it leads to less loss in terms of raw material. Its appearance can vary from one size to another and we will thus obtain more angular pear diamonds or, on the contrary, stones with a softer and smoother appearance. 

How to choose a jewel with pear diamond? 

With the wide range of pear diamond products and jewelry, it is never easy to choose. And to optimize your purchase and enjoy a sparkling stone with an ideal brilliance, here are the advice of our diamond dealers: 

  • Give preference to a “wide shoulder” pear diamond, with a rounded base and a polished girdle, 

  • for the color, we opt for an H or more in order to guarantee a uniform tone of the stone; the color is generally more visible towards the end on a pear diamond and a tone lower than H will show this defect, 

  • concerning rings and to lengthen the fingers, the shape of the pear diamond will be more attenuated. 

The styles of pear diamond engagement rings

Pear diamond engagement rings are a great choice for lovers. The metal used varies depending on the style and shape. A white gold wedding ring with pear diamond will have a very sophisticated effect. By combining the clarity of diamond and the purity of gold, it is the ideal combination for a chic and refined look. 

For a romantic and more daring aspect, an engagement ring with a drop diamond associated with pink gold will bring more originality. A yellow gold ring set with a pear diamond will add warmth and sparkle to the gemstone, the perfect classic combination for tanned-skinned brides. 

Whichever you choose, first of all make sure that you really like the diamond and that it matches your tastes and your personality. Trust your instincts and go for the size and shape that meets your expectations. 

What is the price of a pear diamond? 

Like any shape of diamond, the price of a pear diamond will depend on its purity, its carat (weight), its color as well as its size. The certificate of authenticity is also an important element in estimating its value.

The cost of the stone evolves according to the carat weight of this one, but it is especially the quality of the size which is determining. Color and purity are also very important and play a role in its rating. The color D is the most sought after and then the less impurity it will have, the higher its value will be. 

A well cut diamond, with proportional shapes, will naturally be more expensive. Polish and fluorescence are also key factors in the cost of a diamond. 

Celebrities who wear a pear-cut diamond

Over the years, it can easily be said that the pear diamond has captured the hearts of many celebrities, whether they are princesses or movie stars. The first to have glorified this size is Elisabeth Taylor, icon of American cinema and who is known for her very imposing necklace with pear diamond pendant, the famous "Taylor-Burton". 

Another very precious diamond is that of Princess Charlene of Monaco offered by her husband the Prince of Monaco. It is estimated to be 3 carats and is surrounded by a crown of very brilliant round brilliant diamonds. 

Victoria Beckham also stood out with her prestigious pear diamond solitaire set in platinum and in a very chic vintage cut. The latter is of great value, with an estimated weight of between 15 and 17 carats. 

Are you looking for a diamond jewel? A pear diamond necklace or ring? Visit our website diamond jewelry or meet in a Parisian showroom.

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