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Princess diamond, a classic jewelry cut. 

Have you always dreamed of being a princess for at least one day?

Diamonds are used for very valuable jewelry, especially if they are used for the biggest day in your life. This day is going to be the happiest day of your life so, to symbolize this event, you deserve the best. What better way to do this than a princess cut diamond ring? These princess cut diamonds are a great choice for your engagement. They are ideal to be used as a symbol of your love. Your eyes will be dazzled and seduced by its classic style appearance, glowing and shining. We assure you that princess cut diamonds are a choice to consider for your engagement rings or for other jewelry that you want to put a diamond on.

What are princess cut diamonds like?

When we hear the word princess, we think of things classy, ​​elegant, refined, sparkling and luxurious. And that is exactly how princess cut diamonds are. The heart races immediately as soon as we see the exceptional beauty of these princess cut diamonds. A princess cut diamond is a chic and elegant diamond. Princess cut diamonds have a lot of chips. Used on different types of jewelry, princess cut diamonds have a simple and very refined style. Several colors are available, for example white gold, yellow or pink. The colors will bring out the beauty of the princess cut diamond even more and give it even more elegance and style. We are just proposing, but it is up to you to choose the color of the diamond according to your preference. As we know, the weight of a diamond is measured by the carat. Often, princess cut diamonds are around 0,30 carats. There are several designs of princess cut diamond engagement rings, like for example the ring where there is only the diamond on it or the ring where there are several small diamonds around with the diamond a little bigger in the middle. . Thus, the weight of small diamonds is approximately 0,20 carat.

Why is the princess shape so popular?

These diamonds seduce more than one by their quality, their purity as well as their brilliance. They are made from rough diamonds which gives them even more quality. Princess cut diamonds have a square shape. It is a creation inspired by brilliant round diamonds. Princess cut diamonds are therefore more modern and more appropriate nowadays. They give a certain elegance and they also illuminate the hands of the woman who wears them. They make it look very classy. Princess cut diamonds produce a strong sparkle even though they are often smaller in size than other types of diamonds. The beauty and appearance of these princess cut diamonds is unique. They are cut very precisely because they have to have angles that make the diamonds have this square shape. 

Princess cut diamonds for which jewelry?

Princess cut diamonds are used as the main stone on jewelry, that is, the diamond that sits in the center of the jewelry. They are used as a pendant on a necklace and placed as the person wishes. They are often also placed on rings. They can also be used as a stone for earrings. But apart from the usual jewelry, princess cut diamonds can be inserted into other jewelry of your creation.

Other information

Princess cut diamonds may have an inclusion, but that doesn't mean they are of poor quality or that they won't look pretty as we hope. These inclusions just decrease the purity of the diamonds a little, but they can give a more original appearance. Despite the inclusions that there may be in princess cut diamonds, they will still be luxurious. As mentioned above, princess cut diamonds are a modern creation, but they will always remain classy, ​​luxurious and elegant no matter the years that go by. From this information, people immediately think that princess cut diamonds are very expensive. Yet, on the contrary, princess cut diamonds are very affordable. You will not regret shopping for princess cut diamonds because it is a very good choice. You will be very advantageous to buy these princess cut diamonds because we guarantee their quality. Besides, they are also famous for their cheap price compared to their high quality.

We can, of course, give you more information by contacting us by phone or through our site or, more preferably, you can come directly to our store in Paris. Your visit to our store is preferable because you can directly see the diamonds that we offer you. This doesn't mean that you won't be satisfied if you shop online or request more information online. We will always be at your service and we give our best to satisfy you. You can get princess cut diamonds in our store or even online. We also offer to ensure delivery if you can not come. We assure you that your package will arrive at your place on time. You can place your order through our site. We do everything to satisfy you as much as possible whether it is in terms of price or in terms of the quality of the princess cut diamond. Do not hesitate to contact us to entrust us with your rings or your jewelry with princess cut diamonds. However, we do not stay with princess cut diamonds but we offer you other products of which we also guarantee the quality.

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