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What is a cushion diamond?

A cushion diamond is one of the forms of diamonds. A cushion diamond is a diamond that has large facets with rounded corners. Even though today the cushion diamond is not widely known by people like other diamonds, it is still a quality diamond. Nowadays, the popularity of these diamonds is still increasing. It attracts a lot more people thanks to its beauty. And one of its strengths, too, is that it is one of the diamonds that have been around for centuries.

How is the cushion diamond?

This type of diamond takes on roughly the appearance of a princess cut diamond. On the other hand, it is not square in shape, but rather a shape where the corners are rounded and the facets are a little larger. It can have a rounded square shape but also a rounded rectangle shape. This is one of the specificities of the cushion diamond. The cushion diamond is very elegant. In recent years, this diamond has undergone a physical evolution. It has more shine which is produced by its large facets. The cushion diamond offers a shine especially when it is very well cut. If you have a taste that is a bit antique, the cushion diamond is for you. The cushion diamond brings a classier style to the wearer. The size of the cushion diamond is ideal. Every light that enters the diamond is reflected. The weight of the diamond is measured by the carat. The cushion diamond has a weight of around 0,30 carat. 

What are the colors of the diamond? Diamonds have natural colors such as white, pink or yellow. However, the more colorless the diamond, that is, the more transparent it is. But the colorless diamond is almost nowhere to be found. There is often a little color in diamonds. For the cushion diamond, often its color is white but it can have other colors such as pink or yellow.

How is the purity of the diamond? For a diamond, clarity is the set of imperfections that we see on it. The beauty of the cushion diamond will not be damaged by any inclusions that there may be as they are inside the diamond. The sparkle of the cushion diamond will hide these inclusions. But if the diamond has surface flaws, that is, flaws visible to the naked eye, its beauty diminishes. It is therefore necessary for people who want to make a purchase of these cushion diamonds to take a good look at whether there are any surface defects. 

What is this type of diamond used for?

The cushion diamond is used in all kinds of jewelry where stones can be placed. It can be the stone that you want to insert into earrings. It can also be used to decorate necklaces by being the only diamond on it to be more pleasing to the eyes. But more often than not, the cushion diamond is used for engagement rings because it is ideal for this kind of event. Many appreciate the cushion diamond while being lonely. This does not in any way prevent the diamond from being used in a piece of jewelry. You can of course make diamond collections without actually inserting them into jewelry. You can also insert them into your own creation whether it is jewelry or other things.  

Is the cushion diamond a good choice?

The cushion diamond represents exceptional beauty with these large facets that give it more sparkle. This diamond is always sublime, whether it is the only stone in a piece of jewelry or whether it is surrounded by other diamonds. In the event that it is surrounded by diamonds, on its own, provides a sparkle that enhances its quality. In addition, other diamonds in the vicinity will further enhance the sparkle of the cushion diamond. We assure you that this type of diamond is a very good option for the choice of your diamond. The cushion diamond is not only a quality diamond, it also has strengths that other diamonds do not have such as its two shapes and its age. Several celebrities wear a ring with a cushion diamond. In addition, the price of the cushion diamond is not very high. It is calculated according to the clarity, shape, size and color of the diamond. 

To choose your cushion diamond, we advise you to check whether the diamond has surface defects that do not suit you. To choose a diamond with a clarity greater than Sl1. And choose the shape that gives more value, to your fingers for example, but that you like. The choice of your diamond depends entirely on your preference in terms of color, shape, clarity and weight. 

To be able to choose the cushion diamond you want, we invite you to come and see the different models that we offer up close. You are welcome in our showroom and also on our website. We will be there to give you more information and especially to meet your needs. You will not be disappointed with our cushion diamonds.


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