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The round diamond engagement ring


Round-cut diamond, a shape with a thousand shards

The round diamond, also known as a brilliant-cut diamond, is the most famous form of diamond. Thanks to its brilliance and exceptional shine, this shape wins everyone's approval with an annual sales percentage of 75%. Buying a round diamond therefore represents a sound investment. 

With perfect proportions and an ideal size, the round brilliant diamond fits perfectly as an engagement ring, as well as a pendant to enhance the charm of a necklace, a choker or even, to set a bracelet. Discover with us all the secrets and characteristics of the round diamond.

Characteristics of a round diamond

In the world of jewelry, it is possible to qualify the shape of a diamond as "cut". Thus, there are round, princess, oval, pear, heart, etc. sizes. However, this should not be confused with the term "cutting a diamond" which more commonly defines the act of "polishing" a rough diamond in order to give it sparkle and shine. 

Concerning the brilliant-round cut, it is characterized by 58 facets, distributed between the pavilion, the rondiste and the crown of the diamond, with a typical ratio varying between 1,00 and 1,02. This cut, which naturally marries the crystal of the rough diamond, maximizes the brilliance and fire of the gemstone. 

Although initially developed in Europe, this shape of diamond is considered the ideal American cut. This round shine is the most sought after in the industry, and many techniques have been implemented to double its shine and optimize its intensity. 

How to recognize the ideal round diamond cut? 

To maximize the brilliance of a diamond and optimize the quality of the cut, the diamond dealer must meet certain criteria relating to the proportions, dimensions and optical properties of each rough diamond. 

Rough diamond is quite expensive and cutting can lose up to 70% of this raw material. To make his investment profitable, the diamond dealer will have the choice: either to keep the maximum weight of the cut diamond in order to minimize losses to the detriment of quality, or to cut the diamond while sacrificing a good part of its weight but guaranteeing much higher quality. Thus, it is possible to differentiate the various qualities of a round diamond by: 

  • Ideal cut diamond: 1,00 carat with 55% to 70% loss in rough diamond

  • Very good size diamond: 1,10 carat with 50% to 65% loss in raw material

  • Good cut diamond: 1,20 carat with 45% to 65% loss in rough diamond. 

The bottom line of all this is that a diamond of large proportions will not necessarily be of good quality. It is often preferable to opt for a stone with a lower carat but with an ideal size. 

"H&A" diamonds

Perfectly cut round diamonds are also referred to as "Hearts & Arrows" or "H&A". These are stones of excellent quality and quite rare. When exposed to a special light, they reveal symmetrical patterns of arrows or hearts. 

What is the price for a round diamond?

Cutting a round diamond involves a significant loss of raw material, its price is naturally quite high compared to other shapes (about 30% more than other sizes). 

Of course, the price will vary from one jeweler to another, but also, the carat, the quality of the size, the purity, the color and the clarity of the precious stone. On average, a round diamond will cost: 

  • Around € 1500 for a 0,5 carat diamond, 

  • between 4500 and 6000 € for a 1,0 carat diamond, 

  • between € 18-000 and up to € 21 for a 000 carat diamond. 

The history of the round diamond

The first round diamond cut dates back to the 16th century and legend has it that it was the French Cardinal Mazarin its first designer by cutting a pendant in the shape of a cross. The earliest forms of brilliant diamond were therefore known as Mazarins. 

Over time, more refined and complex techniques have emerged and the cutting of diamonds has undergone a great revolution. And so the Portuguese form "Peruzzi" or "old European cut" appeared around 1700. 

It was not until 1919 that the ideal proportions of the round diamond were established by the mathematician Tolkowsky and this is how the modern round diamond came into being. By the way, at that time, the round cut was rather called the "Tolkowsky" shape. As for the criteria of quality and proportions, they are established by the GIA. 

What jewel with a round diamond? 

The round diamond is the classic and most timeless shape of all. It adapts to all styles and all types of jewelry. It guarantees shine and clarity and will add a glamorous and stylish note to your outfit. 

Round diamond ring

Brilliant-round diamonds are generally used to adorn rings, whether a diamond engagement ring, a loner or a simple ring. A trilogy ring, set with 3 round diamonds, would also make a splash on your hand. 

Diamond earrings

Diamond earrings are a must have for any self-respecting woman. With their purity and clarity, they will add glow and shine to your appearance and brighten your face. There are a wide variety of models: dangling diamond earrings, chips, fancy earrings, etc. 

Round diamond necklaces and pendants

Un diamond pendant, discreet and radiant, associated with a simple silver chain, will perfectly sublimate your neck and gracefully enhance your beauty. Alternatively, you can opt for a round diamond chain or long necklace. The result will be even more elegant and charming.

The diamond is also associated with all kinds of other precious or semi-precious stones (sapphire, ruby, opal, aquamarine, etc.). So do not hesitate to dare new combinations of materials and colors to display more modernity and style. 

Diamond bracelet 

River set with diamonds or solitaire bracelet, a diamond bracelet will subtly enhance your daily life with its sparkles and shine. The styles are varied, ranging from a classic design to more modern shapes to enhance your evenings. 

A round diamond or an oval diamond? 

The diamond exists in a round shape but also in an oval shape. Very popular, the oval diamond is a perfect match for engagement rings as well as necklaces and pendants. 

The oval cut shows as many facets as the round cut, but its shape is much more elongated which gives the impression that it is of a larger size. An oval diamond of the same carat as a round diamond will therefore appear larger. However, its shine is much less important. 

The oval cut is a perfect choice for a halo ring or entourage ring. Its charm is that it refines the fingers and allows them to be enlarged. Associated with round diamonds, the effect will be even more sensational. 

A round diamond or a princess diamond? 

Poetic and more modern, the princess diamond also captivates the spirits and has its own followers. Just as brilliant as the round diamond, the princess cut is widely used in jewelry and especially for rings and pendants. What to choose, a round diamond ring or a princess diamond ring? 

The round diamond, subtle and radiant

Brilliance and sparkle are the first characteristics taken into consideration when choosing a diamond. And for the round-shiny shape, we can say that it is really shiny! It is even the favorite shape of all jewelry lovers and has been for centuries. A round diamond ring is a safe choice for a wedding ring and will make the bride's outfit sparkle. 

The princess diamond, original and modern

Although it is not as brilliant as the round cut, the princess diamond also has a sublime sparkle that is superior to other shapes. More modern, it stands out with its square size with fine and meticulous lines. This princess shape requires extreme precision work due to the fragility of its four angles. But despite this, its price remains lower than that of the round diamond.  

Afterwards, the size and shape of the diamond remains a personal choice. Whether it is a round, princess, oval or pear diamond, the most important thing is that it really pleases you and meets your needs.


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