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Our silver earrings

Are you looking for an original gift to give to your other half for your wedding anniversary or Valentine's Day? Or a gift for Mother's Day? Diamants & Carats offers you its collection of silver earrings (925 thousandth), unique.

Dangling earrings or studs in diamonds, simple or more complex, our earrings are set with diamonds. These stones can be cut in various shapes, offering multiple possibilities of creation in order to meet the expectations of all. The collection's price in silver is fine if you are on a smaller budget.

Dangling silver earrings

Elongated or more rounded in shape, the dangling silver earrings will delicately dress your neck. Luxurious and set with diamonds or precious stones, they will gracefully highlight your head wearing, for a striking and very charming result. Associated with a bun hairstyle and an elegant white dress, they are very coveted by future brides for a very chic and glamorous wedding.

Dangling earrings can also be of a simpler design, adorned with one or two gemstones. Finely crafted, they meet high quality criteria and have the advantage of being suitable for all styles.

Silver studs

Diamond earrings or others precious stones are perfectly suited to those who seek elegance with ease. Discreet, they add a subtle touch of sparkle to your ears for a very stylish and dressed look.

Set in claw or closed, the precious stone can take different shapes (round, square, oval) and adapts to all styles. This jewel can be worn on any occasion and will bring a discreet and luminous charm to your face. Giving ear studs is a thoughtful gift that will undoubtedly charm your sweetheart.

These silver studs are also available in more luxurious models, meticulously crafted by our jewelers. They can be in the form of a halo of diamonds surrounding a precious stone or in the form of a radiant rosette. The colors vary considerably in order to bring a note of cheerfulness to the whole.

How to choose the ideal pair of earrings?

When opting for earrings, whether they are silver, gold or platinum, it is important to ensure that they are not only suitable for the look but also for the shape of the face. The trick is to create a subtly harmonious whole.

For those with square faces, dangling curls suit them perfectly. Rounded or in a teardrop shape, they will soften the angular features of the face. For those with round faces, we recommend long earrings or precious stone chips. This makes it possible to refine the features and lengthen the face.

Round shaped dangling chips or earrings are much more suitable for elongated faces and help to harmonize features for a well-balanced look. As for the oval faces, they are lucky to be able to wear whatever they want! Indeed, this shape goes without problem with all types of earrings.

For those who wish to add a touch of color to their outfit, there are buckles set with precious or semi-precious stones, very chic and elegant (sapphire, ruby, amethyst, citrine, etc.). Want a slightly extravagant style? So opt for our fancy curls, with original shapes of heart, rose or clover. Shining with sparkles, they will delicately illuminate your face with a thousand lights.

How to wear silver earrings?

Silver earrings can be worn on their own to add a touch of femininity to your outfit, or paired with an adornment. In this case, care must be taken to harmonize the whole.

The earrings are usually matched with the necklaceor the family pendant. It will therefore be necessary to respect the choices of metal and precious stone. For example, if your pendant is gold, it would be very bad taste to opt for silver earrings. Likewise, diamond earrings will only be worn with diamond set. If they are set with colored stones, they can therefore be accompanied by a necklace set with rubies, sapphires or other jewels.

For a very trendy style, it is possible to wear several single ear earrings. However, care must be taken not to overload the assembly too much. If you opt for single ear fleas, it is permissible to put up to 3 per ears. If your curls are more worked, it would be better to wear them alone so as not to stifle their charm.

And then, it is quite possible to combine a smart earring with a hanging earring. The effect will only be more subtle and elegant. Regarding men, they usually wear a single ear buckle, usually a chip set with a black diamond.

How to take care of your silver earrings?

Silver is a metal that turns black quickly. And this happens even faster for the earrings since they are often put in contact with perfumes and perspiration. It is therefore advisable to keep your jewelry in a dry place, the humidity accelerating this oxidation process.

There are several ways to easily clean silver jewelry. The most commonly used is to immerse them in a rhodium bath to restore their luster and shine. This technique can be performed at the jeweler or at home.

Otherwise, an effective trick is to clean the earrings with water or baking soda. The latter can be replaced by white vinegar, lemon or simply Marseille soap. You just have to take precautions so as not to damage the metal or peel a stone from its setting.

Earrings are essential jewelry for any self-respecting woman. You are not sure which model to choose? So turn to the Diamants & Carats assistance, we will be able to guide you.

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