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The Marquise diamond

What is a marquise diamond?

This type of diamond has an atypical cut which is characterized by its oval and elliptical shape. Its peculiarity lies in its possession of two points at its ends, as well as by its cut that would be qualified as irregular. And for good reason, its oval shape, also called “Navette”, creates an optical illusion with a tapered effect. 

Historically, the marquise-type diamond dates back to the time of Louis XV, who, wanting to delight his mistress, the Marquise de Pompadour, cut a diamond in her honor in the shape of the lips of his sweetheart.

What advantages does the marquise diamond have over other more common sizes? 

Its wide cut, presenting a more elaborate crown lets in the light of day, creating a widening aspect. So ladies, you have to "dare" to be able to wear it. With fine and delicate fingers, a marquise diamond ring will be ideal in a transverse way. On the contrary, for smaller fingers, it will be advisable to keep it in an elongated version in order to better fit the hand of the wearer and give an impression of length. The jewel set with a marquise stone brings finesse and grace to each of your movements. The marquise cut diamond gives the impression that the stone has a larger carat weight than a stone of another shape.

The characteristics of the marquise diamond in our showrooms.

To better reflect the shape and the rendering of the brilliance of your marquise diamond, there are different parameters namely its size, color, clarity and weight.  

At first glance, the size contributes enormously to the appearance of the room. The length of the strip, as a function of its width, makes it possible to calculate a ratio which will determine the crown and will therefore have a fortiori an impact on the shine. The facets cut on the contours will further enhance the jewel's ability to filter daylight and subsequently reflect it in a 360 degree angle. 

Then its color, which must be between D and H. The color will look different depending on whether the color of the metal on which the stone is set. The choice of gold which can be white, yellow or pink will give the marquise stone model a particular appearance.

And finally its weight in carats, which will be to the taste of its wearer and according to the scope of the purse of the lucky holder. The higher the carat weight, the more the price of the jewel will increase accordingly. To proceed with the purchase of your jewelry, first of all think about the price you are willing to pay. It is the first criterion to take into consideration before choosing your piece of jewelry. Our advisors are here to help you find the right engagement ring for you, they will be happy to share with you the information you need to guide you. Do not hesitate to question them when ordering!


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