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Choosing the right engagement ring

You are now ready to make your marriage proposal to the chosen one : you necessarily want this moment to be the most perfect. As a good diamond dealer, we give you our best advice to help you choose the engagement ring that will suits to the ring of your future bride.

The solitaire diamond and its different shapes

The engagement ring is commonly called a “solitaire ring” because it is set with a single diamond, usually in its center. It is therefore the centerpiece of your jewel, it should be chosen with care. There are different shapes of diamonds, which give your ring a special look:

The round shape is one of the most popular for engagement rings, with its variant the cushion shape with sculpted angles. The princess diamond is square in shape with a clean and uncluttered elegance. The marquise shape is distinguished from an oval diamond by its pointed ends. You can also opt for an emerald-shaped diamond, a nice nod to this other refined gemstone.

The price of diamonds

Diamants et Carats allows you to personalize your engagement ring so that it best meets your budget, while maintaining excellent value for money. Thus, you can adjust the caratage of your diamond, and its purity. The color of the diamond is also important: the whiter it is, the more luxurious it will be considered.

The different styles of rings

Just like with diamonds, rings come in several styles that don't look the same on a woman's hand.

The simple diamond ring remains a great classic: it is a refined ring that gives pride of place to the precious stone that is placed on it. The shouldered ring is set with finely arranged diamonds on each side of the diamond, it is good value for money. The halo ring is adorned with diamonds all around the ring and its center stone, for endless sparkle. The fork ring is characterized by a ring in two branches: a jewel that has presence. The master ring is very rich in diamonds and will suit fans of luxury jewelry. Finally, the trilogy ring differs from solitaire rings because it is made up of three diamonds at its center.

The different materials of the ring

Our engagement rings are available in four materials delicately crafted in our jewelry workshop in Paris.

A yellow gold ring is a very good choice which will bring out the sparkle of the diamonds. If you prefer minimalism, a white gold ring is perfect for you. You can also opt for a platinum engagement ring for a touch of character. Finally, rose gold is a clever choice to offer an original ring with romantic accents.

To go further in your approach, consider choosing an engagement ring that can match the future wedding ring of your beloved.

How to measure your fiancée's ring size?

For the surprise to be successful, you do not want to ask your loved one for of the size ring. Here are some methods to get a woman's ring size:

Using a ring sizer

Ring sizers are used in jewelry to measure the size of rings. You will find many ring sizers to print online to easily measure the circumference of your future wife's finger.

Use a tape measure

If you have a ring from your partner in your possession, you can take a tape measure and measure the inner circumference of the jewel.

Calculate the diameter

If you don't have a tape measure handy, you can use a ruler to measure the inside diameter of the jewelry, then multiply it by 3,14 to get the circumference.

Still in doubt?

You can still order serenely on our online jewelry store, because we offer you a size adjustment in case you need to add the engagement ring.

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