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Who Are We?

Our History in Paris since the 50s.

How do you go from selling diamonds to making jewelry in Paris and on the internet?

How do you become one of the cheapest merchants in Paris?

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    Located in the heart of the Marais district, Rue Portefoin is one of the streets that constitutes the heart of the jewel in paris.

Since the Middle Ages, the Arts et Métiers district has been the historic heart of Paris and of the jewelry industry.
It is in the streets of Temple and Portefoin in central Paris that the jewelers, artisans, dealers of precious metals and precious stones have settled.
The workshop was created after the Second World War.
First under the name of Mr Maupou. It was then bought in 1974 by Mr Grimoux who created ORMEX.
And that's how we became one of the biggest jewelry making and repair shops in the neighborhood.
Since 1951 we manufacture, repair and transform jewelry in Gold and precious metals.


About La Maison Diamantsetcarats at 13 rue Portefoin 75003 Paris [Created in 2011]

It is the association of several diamond dealers and jewelers that is at the origin of La Maison Diamantsetcarats.

In the Boutique in Paris, we source thoughtfully from our gemstone suppliers. Our strong relationships with them ensure that only top quality parts are produced.

The marketing of our diamonds has found a new echo on the Parisian market.

Only the "best of the best" diamonds from around the world [less than 5% of total production] meet the standards of brilliance, proportion and extraordinary value demanded by DiamantsetCarats.

We invite you to visit our DiamantsetCarats showroom at 13 rue Portefoin 75003 Paris where clients receive invaluable and incomparable education on the diamonds. most meticulously selected and at prices that are the most competitive among the world's diamonds.

DiamantsetCarats: A jeweler in Paris.
DiamantsetCarats is proud to be the largest diamond distributor in France for the magnificent Riviera collection of high jewelry.

La Riviera Collection is highly sought after by discerning collectors and buyers for its flawless workmanship and design integrity.
Only the most reputable jewelry brands in the world compare favorably with the Riviera collection.

Diamantsetcarats: a jewelry store in Paris.
Since 2003 we have distributed our diamonds to professional jewelers and jewelry workshops.

We have implemented a very bold price calculation system. The calculation of our sales prices goes in the same direction.
Our absolutely exceptional frames only enter a small percentage of our price calculations. Our goal is to sell precious stones, we have chosen to favor diamonds over jewels. We always advise our clients to think about what the joy of owning a diamond or a precious stone can bring compared to an overly sophisticated piece of jewelry that could go out of fashion in the years to come. the Service and again the service.
Diamantsetcarats is not a Start-up that uses jewelry to develop a business.

Diamantsetcarats is a Diamond Jeweler in Paris who uses the internet to promote and develop its relationships with its clients.

Once your jewelry is purchased, you will not be delivered to yourself.
the very effective guarantee system that we have developed allows you to stay in contact with us for many years to come.
Whatever happens to your jewelry in the years to come, you bring it back to us or send it back and we will confidently fix the problem.
No stress, we are professionals and are here for you.

Our exceptional prices are mainly due to our mastery of manufacturing, our experience and our precious stones at controlled costs.
We are a Paris jewelry store with affordable prices.

Whatever your budget, seriousness and honesty are our label.

You understand that we look forward to making you our customer for life.


Diamond and pink sapphire earrings  

13 rue Portefoin
75003 Paris - France
phone: +33 1 71 24 31 12
Open from 9:30 a.m. to 18:30 p.m. from Monday to Thursday, and from 9:30 a.m. to 16 p.m. on Friday.
On appointment.
Offices and Showroom:
13 RUE PORTEFOIN 75003 Paris (France) Tel. +33 1 71 24 31 12  


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